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iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Have you given thought to how you are currently feeding your horses? Your horse’s health could be suffering because of an unnatural feeding process. Our innovative iFEED technology simulates a horse’s natural feeding experience and gives you the control to determine exactly when and how much your horse is fed. Horses are naturally designed to feed at a slow and gradual pace. When your horses are kept in a barn, and fed without iFEED technology, the unnatural feeding can be detrimental to your horse’s health. By using iFEED technology, you can be proactive in preventing ulcers in your horses.

Horses, in a pasture, will eat slowly and often. However, this process is difficult to mimic when your horse is contained in a barn. If you feed your horses large amounts of food at one time, the result can be damaging to their health. Ulcers can develop in a horse’s stomach when they are unable to properly digest and absorb their food. An unnatural feeding process can lead to these digestion and absorption problems. Our iFEED technology solves these problems! If you take advantage of our innovative iFEED technology, your horse’s feeding process will be more aligned with their body’s natural digestion process. Because you are able to simulate their natural digestion process, you can prevent stomach ulcers in your horses. iFEED understands that your horse’s health is important to you. Don’t let your horse experience unnecessary pain and discomfort because of an unnatural feeding process. Let iFEED care for your horse!

When preventing ulcers in horses, it is best to simulate a natural feeding experience for your horse. This means that a horse would need to be fed small amounts throughout the day. However, it can be difficult and time consuming to perform this task manually. With the use of iFEED technology, a natural feeding process is provided for your horse with little involvement from you. Preventing stomach ulcers in your horses is easy with iFEED technology. Trust your horse’s health to iFEED and help prevent ulcers.

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